COMM 161 Final Exam Review


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Unformatted text preview: mber of pairs of socks q the company can manufacture in a day by using n workers and r robots is given by Assuming that the company has a daily operating budget of $1,500 and wishes to maximize daily production, how many workers and how many robots should it use? What is the maximum daily production? 5. Lot sizing • Based on year 2005 final Q4: A recording company anticipates a uniform continuous demand for 20 million copies of a certain new CD throughout the next year. CDs are produced in equal‐sized batches and each time the company produces a batch, it costs $20,000 to set up the equipment, and the storage costs are $0.5 per CD per year. The company has space to store at most 4 million CDs. The variable cost of producing a CDs depends on the number of CDs...
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/03/2014 for the course COMM 161 taught by Professor Nediak during the Fall '08 term at Queens University.

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