COMM 161 Final Exam Review


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Unformatted text preview: ould need to change to accommodate the new demand. Hint: The answer is an algebraic expression. 3. Calculus Techniques (1) a. Differentiate a given function (DO NOT simplify) College instructors who adopt this book are twice as likely to continue to use the book the following semester as they are to drop it, whereas nonusers are nine times as likely to remain nonusers the following year as they are to adopt this book a. Construct a Markov System that models this process b. Determine the probability that a nonuser will be a user after 2 semesters c. In the long term, what proportion of college instructors will be users of this book? 3. Calculus Techniques (2) c. Find and classify all critical points of the function (#33 p. 1113) b. Use implicit differentiation to find (I) the slope of the tangent line, and (II) the equation of the tangent line at the given point (#39 p. 853) d. (#47 p. 972) Decide on what substitution to use, and then evaluate the given integral using a substitution 4. Constrained MultivariateOptimization • Based on (#37 p. 1123) The Gym Shirt Company manufactures cotton socks. Production is partially automated through the use of robots. Daily operating costs amount to $150 per worker and $60 per robot. The nu...
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