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Prepare prepare set high expectations people who

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Unformatted text preview: importance Prepare, prepare, prepare Set High Expectations “People who expect more People generally get more” generally Set explicit goals Patience to Listen “You often get more by finding You out what the other person wants than you do by clever arguments supporting what you need” supporting Listening reveals information Personal Integrity “Effective negotiators can be Effective counted on to negotiate consistently, using a thoughtful set of personal values, that they could if necessary, explain and defend to others” defend Situational Strategy Balanced Concerns Balanced Relationships Relationships Transactions Transactions Tacit Coordination Tacit Characteristics of Skilled Negotiators More prep More Spectrum of outcomes Spectrum Common ground focus Common Long-term implications Long-term Range of outcomes Range No sequence of issues No Characteristics of Skilled Negotiators Less irritators Less Less counter proposals Less Less defend/attack spirals Less More behavior labeling (except disagreement) disagreement) More testing/summarizing More Characteristics of Skilled Negotiators More asking questions Feelings commentary Feelings Less argument dilution Less Review and reflect Review...
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