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Unformatted text preview: e risky. Example? Other Techniques Consistency—use the other party’s standards to make your argument. standards Example: Hospital Consistency Traps—logical conclusion is counter to your goals Example: Phone telemarketer Example: Example: Fair price for company Example: More Techniques Positioning Theme Positioning Example: UPS Power of Authority (written word) Company policy standard procedure Example: Lease agreement Example: Candid camera Importance of Persuasion “Arguments about framing based on Arguments consistency, standards, norms, positioning themes and authority are the bread and butter of negotiation”. the Strategy: Distributive Bargaining Strategy: Characteristics Zero-sum game Zero-sum Focus on issues Focus Goals in direct conflict Goals Limited resources Limited Competition (win-lose) Competition Model Target Target Resistance Point Resistance Initial offer Initial Maximize the Deal Figure out resistance point Indirect information search Direct information Direct Maximize the Deal Influence their resistance point Managing your impressions Managing Modifying their perceptions Modifying Manipulating costs of delay or no agreement no Typical Structure Opening offer (MPP) Opening stance Opening Concessions Final offer Used Car Deal Determine three points Determine Negotiate Negotiate Hand-in contract Hand-in...
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