Poker poker pragmatist pragmatist idealist idealist

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Unformatted text preview: at Do property? Poker Poker Pragmatist Pragmatist Idealist Idealist Consequences Terminated relationship Terminated Loss of self-esteem Loss Damaged reputation Damaged Stories Dale Singer Dale Bonnie Chajet Bonnie Tips Beware of transaction Beware Use relationships wisely Use Probe, probe, probe Probe, Be assertive & persistent Be Lessons Addictive nature of lying Addictive Maintain your own standards Maintain Aim High! Seven Clusters of Marginally Ethical Tactics Traditional competitive bargaining Attacking opponent’s network Attacking False promises False Misrepresentation Misrepresentation Inappropriate information gathering Inappropriate Strategic misrepresentation of positive emotions Strategic misrepresentation of negative Strategic emotions FM 5.45 5.52 1.62 2.02 1.76 2.18 2.82 3.11 1.93 2.53 *5.09 *4.82 Ted Talk
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