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Unformatted text preview: want That’s that? Help me understand the problem you are trying to solve.” problem Change the Game: Reframe Asking Open-Ended Questions: Asking Ask Why? Ask Ask Why Not ? Ask Ask What if ? Ask Ask for Advice? Ask Change the Game: Reframe Deflecting Tactics: Stone Walls Stone Attacks Attacks Tricks Tricks Don’t Push: Build a Golden Bridge Frequent Barriers: Not Their Idea Not Unmet Interests Unmet Fear of Losing Face Fear Too Much Too Fast Too Don’t Push: Build a Golden Bridge Overcoming Barriers: Involve the Other Side Involve Satisfy Unmet Interests Help Them Save Face Help Go Slow to Go Fast Go Don’t Escalate: Use Power to Educate Illustrating the Consequences: Ask Reality-Testing Questions Ask Warn Don’t Threaten Warn Deploy Your BATNA Deploy...
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