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Unformatted text preview: /colorcube.html Color Depth & Quality Color Depth & Quality http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Color_depth 1 bit 8 bits 4 bits 24 bits (true color) Space considerations Space considerations Quality depends on: resolution color depth (how many bits per pixel) Space required depends on: resolution, color depth. Bits Needed = num pixels x bits/pixel e.g. 600x600, truecolor ­­> 6002 x 24 = 8,640,000 bits = 1,080,000 bytes (8 bits to a byte) = 1.08 Mb file (.bmp) More on Resolutions…. More on Resolutions…. http://www.earthboundlight.com/phototips/printer­reso http://www.earthboundlight.com/phototips/printer­res – resolutions greater than 300dpi refer to individual color dots used to make up a single pixel. http://www.earthboundlight.com/phototips/digital­vers – “grain size” for film comparable to resolution on high­ end digital camera (about 5 microns). http://www.hdtvinfoport.com/HDTV­Resolution.html – sdtv versus hdtv (various versions) Compression Compression Run­lengt...
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