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Unformatted text preview: CE GROWS QUADRATICALLY: n x n = n2 Color Representation Color Representation What kind of images can we create if we use 1 bit per pixel? How can we get more colors? Color Representation Color Representation Each pixel has 3 color dots: RGB: the three primary colors of light. IDEA: represent a pixel with 3 bits: RGB 000 = no dot lit (black) 111 = R, G, B lit (white light) 100 = R lit (pure red) 110 = R, G lit (yellow light) PROBLEM: only allows 8 different pixel colors Color Depth (also “Bit Depth”) Color Depth Allocate more bits for each of R, G, B to describe amount of light (intensity) for each color. 6­bit color depth: 01 11 00 = intensity 1 for red intensity 3 for green intensity 0 for blue what is code for pink? 26 = 64 Allows for ______________ different colors Color Depth “True color” = 24 bits = 8 bits/color millions of colors: more than eye can discern Indicate RGB by 3 (decimal) numbers between 0 and 255 [example: 102, 223, 46 ] OR by 6 hex values = 2 per color = 8 bits/color) [example: 66DF2E] Color Cube Color Cube R, G, B are three axes of a three­ dimensional “cube” of color
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