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Unformatted text preview: 0 seconds in a 90 min video 5400 x 30Mb = 162000 Mb = 162Gb (without compression) DVD capacity 4.7Gb. Blue Ray 50 Gb Special temporal compression techniques used for Video Summary Summary Higher Resolution (pixels/inch) gives better quality, but space increases quadratically. Bit depth (color depth) measured in bits/pixel. “Truecolor” = 24 bits, 8 for each of R, G, B. Space = num_pixels x bits/pixel Compression techniques: run­length, .gif, .jpg. Vector­based representations have adv, disadv. Video is big; compression is both spatial and temporal See http://jmerritt.warpax.com/graphics_for_beginners/index.html for a good survey. Representing Sounds Representing Sounds Goals Goals Understand how sound is represented digitally Understand sampling rate, quantization and tradeoff between quality and file size Know typical factors used in sound compression Sound Representation Sound Representation Sound is a (continuous) wave http://www.cs.wfu.edu/~burg/CCLI/Templates/flash.php?file=Chapter...
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