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Unformatted text preview: 5/Sampling_and_Aliasing.swf To represent digitally, decide on: Sampling rate –how often to read the amplitude of the wave Quantization –how many bits used to represent the amplitude These two values are analogous to resolution and color depth for images… Sampling Sampling sampling rates vs. quality of sound intensity of compression wave (e.g., as measured by voltage from microphone) time <­­ sampling rate ­­> slow rate misses peaks, valleys Sampling ­ examples Sampling ­ examples Not a very good approximation of the original sound curve Sampling ­ examples Sampling ­ examples A better approximation of the original sound curve How much sampling is enough? Flash tutorial Quantization Quantization quantization quantization vs. quality of sound Number of distinct amplitudes we choose to represent. Fewer values available creates large rounding errors Quantization ­ examples Quantization ­ examples 1 0 Number of distinct amplitu...
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