16 what is self complexity theory what does it say

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Unformatted text preview: s; trait vs. state. 15. What determines our level of self-­‐esteem? • Contingencies of self-­‐worth: o Domains that are important to an individual’s evaluation of the self o Politics, art, creativity etc. 16. What is self-­‐complexity theory? What does it say about how people handle negative events? • People who have many contingencies of self-­‐worth may have smaller decreases in self-­‐ esteem after failure in any one domain 17. What is the self-­‐evaluation maintenance model? • People are motivated to elevate our self-­‐esteem and use two strategies to boost self-­‐esteem a. How do people use social comparisons to help maintain high self-­‐esteem? • People often form judgments about their own traits and abilities by comparing ourselves to others. b. What is reflection/basking in reflected glory? • People can boost self-­‐esteem by associating their own self with the positive accomplishments of others • Downwards = self-­‐esteem motivation • Upwards = decrease self-­‐esteem, but lead to an improvement motiv...
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