5 what is the principle of diversification siblings

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Unformatted text preview: ; whereas YOUNGER siblings are more agreeable, open to new experiences/ideas, and rebellious; challenge the family status quo. 5. What is the principle of diversification? • Siblings may take on different niches in the family to minimize conflicts • Siblings taking on similar roles will compete more often 6. How do men and women differ in their self-­‐concepts (on average)? • Men = more independence (uniqueness & autonomy) • Women = interdependence (relationships, shared traits and social roles) 7. How do Easterners and Westerners differ in their self-­‐concepts (on average)? • Westerners: more independence • Easterners: more interdependence 8. What is the difference between independent and interdependent (individualist/collectivist) cultures? • Individualist: o Focuses on the “I” o Promotes individual goals & achievement. o Individual rights are seen as being the most important.. o Relying or being dependent on others is seen as shameful. o Action is encouraged • Collect...
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