Cognitive psychology the study of how people perceive

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Unformatted text preview: experiments. • Cognitive Psychology – the study of how people perceive, think about, and remember aspects of the world (e.g., language processing, memory, visual perception) o Many social psychologists call themselves social-­‐cognitive psychologists because they study people’s perception of the social world o Social psychologists tend to study more applied problems (e.g. relationships, helping, persuasion, attraction, prejudice, etc.) • Sociology – the study of how the people in the aggregates o Sociology studies how people behave at the group level o Social psychology studies how people behave at the individual level • Anthropology: -­‐ study of human beings: culture, language, biology, history, and social behavior. o Anthropology also studies behavior at a group level. o Anthropology invokes more observational and correlational research o Social Psychology tends to use more experiments than related social sciences. 3. What are the 4 Goals of Social Psychology? 1. Understand how people (or environments) control and influence eac...
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