Generally used for variables that can take on many

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Unformatted text preview: riables without assigning participants to different situations or conditions. • Generally – used for variables that can take on many values (continuous variable) o Heat 0 degrees to 100 degrees o Age can be from 0 to 115 o Height can be from 0 to infinity • The correlation is a standardized (in other words it’s easy to translate what it means to people) way of looking at the strength of association • Correlation value can only be a number between -­‐1 and +1 6. How are correlations abbreviated? • Abbreviation for Pearson’s correlation is “r”. 7. What are three important notes about correlations? • The sign (either positive or negative) indicates the type/direction of the relation • The farther r is from 0, the stronger the relation between the variables • A correlation of 0 indicates no relation. 8. What three properties of correlations? 1) Examines the strength of the relationship, if any, between variables 2) Researcher measures the variables, but does NOT manipulate or control them – measure them as they natura...
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