Primacy effect when information presented first in a

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Unformatted text preview: emphasized or removed (leveling) 7. What is the negativity bias? • More attention is paid to negative information than positive information 8. What are framing effects? • The influence on judgment resulting from the way information is presented • If you change the way info is presented, you are framing • Order of presentation 9. What are primacy and recency effects? • Primacy effect: When information presented first in a list has disproportionate influence on subsequent judgments • Recency effect: When information presented last in a list has disproportionate influence on subsequent judgments 10. What is positive/negative framing (give an example)? • Emphasizing the favorable aspects and giving less attention to the negative aspects • 100 alive instead of 30 dead 11. What is loss aversion? • Losses may have more psychological impact than gains 12. What is the confirmation bias? • The tendency to test an idea by searching for confirming evidence (attitude towards capital punishment) 13. What is a...
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