Understand how people make sense of their world eg

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Unformatted text preview: h other’s behavior 2. Understand how people make sense of their world (e.g. make judgments about others) 3. Understand the validity behind “folk-­‐theory” 4. Understand how different cultures think, feel, and behave 4. Social Psychologists Achieve these Goals with Empirical Studies 5. Kurt Lewin, the “Father of Social Psychology” • B = f(P,E) • Behavior is a function of a Person and his or her Environment 6. The “Good Samaritan” study conducted by Darley and Batson (1973) • Hypotheses tend to be causal in psychology: o Hurrying causes less helping o Thinking religious thoughts does not cause more helping 7. Fundamental attribution error • Failure to recognize the importance of situational influences, and overestimating the importance of dispositions/traits on behavior – Not recognizing that “E” is in the equation • i.e. When too much weight is given to personal traits and not enough to the situation in explaining behavior 8. Construal: a personal interpretation about...
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