What are four different components of an experiment

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Unformatted text preview: isons of how different manipulations affect behavior allow researchers to determine causal influences of behavior 14. What are four different components of an experiment? • Independent variable: Manipulated by researched, cause change • Dependent variable: Measured variable (change in behavior, feeling, evaluation) • Control group: condition similar to the experimental condition, without ind. var. • Random Assignment: ensures that individual differences are evenly distributed across conditions 15. Why is random assignment important? • Can infer that differences between experimental and control groups are due to the experimental manipulation and not to differences between the types of people that were in each condition 16. What is reliability? • How consistently a test will measure the variable of interest 17. What is validity? • The degree that a test accurately measures the variable of interest 18. What is internal validity? • How sure are you that the variable the researcher says is response for the change, truly is the one responsible. o Correlational Research...
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