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Unformatted text preview: ttings and with careful measurement and analysis 2. What is Hindsight Bias? • Hindsight Bias – people’s tendency to be overconfident about whether they could have predicted a given outcome – In other words: a tendency overestimate common sense 3. What is observational research and what are its strengths and weaknesses? • Usually includes taking notes and interviewing people • Strengths: Can be used to get ideas/generate hypotheses about social behavior (e.g., “Dissonance Theory”) • Weaknesses: Not able to test ideas (because there is no careful measurement of variables) 4. What is archival research? • Involves using past records to look for relationships between variables • Newspapers, police reports, hospital records, and so on • • Can be used to test theories about social behavior (e.g., “Culture of Honor” – Cohen et al., 1996) **Way to remember: If the data already exists and the public is able to get access to it, then it is probably archival (e.g. freely available public records) 5. What is correlational research? • Research that examines the (linear) relationship between va...
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