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What is external validity how much does the study

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Unformatted text preview: tends to have lower internal validity o Experimental Research tends to have higher internal validity 19. What is external validity? • How much does the study relate to real-­‐life experiences, situations, or people o Lower External Validity: Small sample o Higher External Validity: Random sample from large population Chapter 3: Social Self 1. What are traits? • Characteristic ways that you think feel, and act that mark you as different from others 2. What is a self-­‐schema (provide examples)? • • • A person's particular nature or qualities that make a person unique and distinguishable from others I am honest, agreeable, loyal. • 3. What is the working self-­‐concept and what is one study that shows how it is determined? • Only a subset of a person’s vast pool of self-­‐knowledge is brought to mind in any given context—the subset that is most relevant or appropriate in the current situation. 4. How does birth order affect our self-­‐concept? • Personality traits • OLDER siblings are more dominant, achievement oriented, and conscientious; invest in the status quo...
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