What is self discrepancy theory individuals want to

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Unformatted text preview: to weigh our evaluations of other people by how we view our self • Example. If you view yourself as intelligent you may judge others strongly by how intelligent you perceive them to be 13. What is self-­‐discrepancy theory? • Individuals want to resolve discrepancies of who they are with who they want to be or ought to be a. What is the actual self? o The self we truly believe ourselves to be b. What is the ideal and ought selves? o Ideal self: the person we aspire/want to be o Ought self: the person we feel we should be, the person others want us to be c. What happens to our behavior when we think about the ideal self vs. ought self? • Promotion focus o Focus on positive outcomes and moving toward becoming our ideal self o Thinking about “ideal” leads to promotion focus (i.e. sensitivity to positive experiences). • Prevention focus o Focus on negative outcomes and attempt to avoid not living up to our ought self o Thinking about “ought” leads to prevention focus (i.e. sensitivity to negative experiences) 14. What is self-­‐esteem? • Overall positive or negative evaluation we have of ourselve...
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