What is self verification theory people want to be

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Unformatted text preview: ssively high self-­‐esteem are more likely to do? • Aggressive when ego threatened 22. Sociometer Hypothesis • Self-­esteem is an internal, subjective index of the extent to which people feel included or excluded by others. • In other words, our self-­‐esteem comes from how accepted we are by others 23. What is self-­‐verification theory? • People want to be known and understood by others according to their attitudes, beliefs, and feelings about themselves 24. What are three important research findings on self-­‐verification theory? • People tend to selectively attend to and recall information that is consistent with their self-­‐ views. (Accurate feedback -­‐ Swann & Read; better at remembering confirmatory feedback -­‐ Story) • People tend to provide identity cues that help others form accurate judgments of their personality traits. (Posters on your wall -­‐ Gosling et. Al. 2002) • People tend to form relationships that maintain their preexisting view of the self, even when that view is negative. (College Roommates & Marital Partners) 25. What is self-­‐handicapping?...
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