What is the limit of correlational research

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Unformatted text preview: lly occur 3) Allows prediction of one variable, if you know the value of the other variable 9. What is the limit of correlational research? • Difficult/Impossible to make inferences about causality 10. What are the three criteria used to determine causation • Cause and Effect have to be related • Cause has to Precede the Effect • Other explanations of the Cause-­‐Effect relationship have to be eliminated 11. Why can correlations not be used to study causation? • Reverse causality problem... Does Y cause X • Third variable problem... When some unmeasured third variable is causing one or both of the measured variables 12. What is “self-­‐selection” and why is it a problem for assessing causation? • Self-­‐selection = third variable problem There may be a natural difference between users/non-­‐users Need to know that the only difference between groups is the hypothesized cause 13. What is an experiment? • Research that involves assigning participants to different situations or conditions. • Participants should be randomly assigned to different conditions • Conditions are controlled or manipulated by the researcher • Behaviors are systematically measured • Compar...
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