Why does construal matter o its not just the content

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Unformatted text preview: situations and other people’s behaviors. • Why does Construal Matter? o It’s not just the content, but our interpretation of the content that matters o People’s Behavior is determined by their own interpretation of the environment/people, not what the experimenter thinks it is. o We have to study people’s interpretation of the environment to understand their behavior. Chapter 2: Methods of Social Psychology 1. What are three reasons social psychologists do research using the specific methods discussed? • Some is common sense; Some is not (Hindsight bias) • There are many unobservable and unexpected ways that our behavior can be influenced. o Theory of Unconscious Thought (Dijiksterhuis, 2006) o Embodied Cognition (Strack, Martin, & Stepper,1988) • Quantifying Behavior and measuring the extent of the effect. o Even if we’re right in general, we need to know exactly o Sometimes how often or many people show the effect is surprising o What’s the minimum/maximum of an event that’s needed o Understanding the exact nature of behavior requires controlled se...
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