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O working with others and cooperating is the norm o

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Unformatted text preview: ivist: o Focuses on the “We” o Believe in doing what is best for society as a whole rather than themselves. o Emphasize families, communities, roles. o Working with others and cooperating is the norm o Relationships are emphasized 9. What are four benefits of having self-­‐knowledge? ** • Helps us remember information • Helps attend to information efficiently • Helps to form Evaluations • Motivating Behavior 10. What is the self-­‐reference effect? How does this relate to memory? • Our memory is better for things that relate to us • If we integrate something into our self-­‐knowledge, we remember it better. 11. What are some empirical examples of how self-­‐knowledge guides our attention? • P’s who are have independence in their self-­‐schema are much faster at judging schema relevant traits as true/not true of themselves. • P’s can generate more behaviors consistent with schema-­‐relevant traits 12. What is the self-­‐image bias? • Tendency...
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