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Due date friday september 6 2013 due at 9 am

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Unformatted text preview: document that reGlects who you are as an emerging professional, and it should be crafted with care and a commitment to quality. Due Date: Friday, September 6, 2013; due at 9 a.m. electronically Total Points: 20 points Content Requirements ✓ Your resume should contain a combination of the following, depending on the guidance of your section leaders and employer critique at the Resume Bonanza: ✓ Your name and contact information, including how to reach you on campus ✓ A clear objective (for a job, job shadow, summer internship, etc.) ✓ Education (ACT/SAT, class rank, and/or high school; include ILLINOIS) ✓ Work and/or volunteer experience ✓ Activities and honors (including those from high school) ✓ Use strong ac...
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