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Unformatted text preview: September 2. Late registration is not possible. Due Date: You must register online by noon on Monday, September 2 via I- Link Business. Please register as early as possible: The registration system will close precisely at noon on Monday, September 2. Because this is a holiday weekend, please sign up before the weekend since BCS will be closed on Monday. Total Points: 30 points Content Requirements ✓ Attend the Resume Bonanza, presenting yourself as an emerging business professional ✓ Implement the suggestions you receive for improvement of your resume ✓ Submit your revised resume online through as part of Assignment 1.1 Submission Requirements ✓ Attendance and active participation at the Resume Bonanza, including appropriate attire and promptness, will count for full credit for this assignment ✓ There is no physical, paper component of this assignment Resources 1. If you run into any technical dif:iculties registering for the Resume Bonanza, please stop by Business Career Services, located in 1033 BIF. 2. Contact your section leaders for questions about your interaction...
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