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Content requirements compose and attach three

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Unformatted text preview: o your professor seeking a regrade or other review to secure your additional points. 4. Troublesome Chair. You are the President of Commerce Club. One of your chairs has not attended enough events to satisfy his requirements. Write him an email to address this problem. 5. Deadline Extension. You have an internship offer from a mid- size 9irm that expires on Monday, and you are expecting two more offers by next Friday. Write an email to the recruiter with a request to extend the deadline. Content Requirements ✓ Compose and attach three separate emails addressing three of the 9ive scenarios listed above, following the email template provided ✓ Demonstrate an understanding of professional responsibility and good communication skills in your e- mails. Use the Personal Scripts Guidelines handout available on Compass. (Remember to ask clarifying questions, use neutral and low- key language, inquire rather than accuse, etc.) In your one- page re-lection ✓ Describe the strategies and/or skills you used...
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