In addition at least once every six years the company

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Unformatted text preview: companies, public company boards, and public company compensation committees (4) Individual shareholder (5) Institutional shareholder (6) Long- time union employee who owns 10,000 shares of stock through the company’s stock purchase plan The Dodd- Frank Act signed into law in July 2010 by President Obama requires that public company annual meeting proxy materials include a resolution seeking a non- binding shareholder approval of the compensation paid to its named executive of=icers. In addition, at least once every six years the company must submit a proposal to allow shareholders to determine if this “say- on- pay” vote will occur every one, two, or three years. A mock annual meeting for a =ictional company is scheduled for Friday, October 25 in your discussion section. Please refer to your section leaders for speci=ics on how they will run the mock annual meeting in your section. © 2012, Gretchen A. Winter Center for Professional Responsibility in Business and Society BUSINESS 101 AN INTRODUCTION TO PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITY Research We have provided you with a wide array of information and research on Compass 2G. Although you are not limited to these resources and may do outside research, these are suf=icient for this project. You do not need to read through all Online Resources to have an accurate understanding of this assignment. Pick and cho...
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