What does the term stakeholders mean name at least

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Unformatted text preview: highlight your role below: 1. CEO 2. Member of the Board of Directors and of the Board’s Compensation Committee 3. Outside compensation consultant to public companies, public company boards, and public company compensation committees 4. Individual shareholder 5. Institutional shareholder 6. Long- time union employee who owns 10,000 shares of stock through the company’s stock purchase plan Required Research and Sources Choose and read or watch at least four references discussing “Say on Pay.” First Reference Title __________________________________________________________________________________ Second Reference Title _______________________________________________________________________________ Third Reference Title _________________________________________________________________________________ Fourth Reference Title ________________________________________________________________________________ 1. Why is executive compensation important? How does it relate to a company’s values? 2. What is “Say on Pay”? Choose and read at least one reference on basic corporate governance principles and read at least three sources of information about companies that have dealt with “Say on Pay” resolutions, including the information about P=izer and Motorola. Then, answer the question that follows. First Reference Title (Corporate Governance) _____________________________________________________ Second Reference Title (P=izer) _____________________________________________________________________ Third Reference Title (Motorola) ___________________________________________________________________ Fourth Reference Title (Other Company) __________________________________________________________ 3. What do...
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