Com shareholder resolution debate before class

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Unformatted text preview: ose wisely to answer the questions completely on the form below. Read and understand your references before preparing your arguments in support of your position. Type answers to the related questions on the “Say on Pay” worksheet. Your research and documentation must be completed individually. Content Requirements ✓ Individually research and document your stakeholder’s interest in the “Say on Pay” resolution. Your answers to the questions on the Say on Pay worksheet are to be typed and turned in at the beginning of class. Please use the editable document on Compass. ✓ Edit and revise until your writing is precise, thoughtful, and grammatically correct ✓ Submit a professional product with the correct font size, margins, spacing, and length Submission Requirements ✓ Complete the “Say on Pay” worksheet with a commitment to quality ✓ Submit your typed document through Shareholder Resolution Debate ✓ Before class, discuss your =indings with others who have been assigned the same role in order to build a group consensus position. ✓ Prepare a presentation to describe your group’s position. ✓ In class, you and your stakeholder group will participate in a segment of the mock shareholders’ meeting that will take place before...
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