Describe the advantages and disadvantages for

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Unformatted text preview: the same industry? ✓ Name four speciMic values demonstrated in how McDonald’s treats and interacts with employees. Show speciMic examples to support your claims. ✓ Describe the concept of promotion from within. Overall, is it effective? ✓ Describe the advantages and disadvantages for customers, employees, and shareholders. ✓ Analyze whether the promotion from within strategy is effective and useful ✓ Assess the existence of the “McJob” stereotype. Does the stereotype exist? What effects does that have on the company and the industry, if any? Explain. ✓ Using your outside knowledge, does the public know enough about McDonald’s commitments to its people and community, and does McDonald’s have a need (or even responsibility) to increase awareness? (You may wish to think about this question in terms of your Capstone Project as well.) ✓ Edit...
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