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3 choose an employee option why did you choose it how

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Unformatted text preview: do these connect to your company’s values? / 3 Choose an employee option. Why did you choose it, how does this decision connect to other stakeholders, and what values are you demonstrating? / 4 Name two speciOic programs you might start and how those programs might affect other stakeholders. / 2 Include two Decision-­‐Making Framework (one for selecting your employees, one for your additional employee program) that analyzes why your client should make these decisions / 3 Include professional slides that reOlect your research / 2 Edit and revise until your writing is precise, thoughtful, and grammatically correct / 1 Submit a professional product with the correct font size, margins, spacing, and length and provide footnotes as needed / 25 Assignment 3.9 Total Content Points Page 2 of 2...
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