What are the key beneoits and risks for each one how

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Unformatted text preview: key beneOits and risks for each one? How do these connect to your company’s values? ✓ Choose an employee option. Why did you choose it, how does this decision connect to other stakeholders, and what values are you demonstrating? You will need to show a Decision-­‐Making Framework. ✓ Name two speciOic programs you might start and how those programs might affect other stakeholders (provide a Decision-­‐Making Framework for one of these programs that analyzes whether your company should implement the program). ✓ Create 1-­‐4 slides that you would use in your Capstone Presentation to address employees as a stakeholder group ✓ Edit and revise until your writing is precise, thoughtful, and grammatically correct ✓ Provide footnotes to cite any outside resources used. You will not receive points for citations, and your submission will not be graded without them. Submission Requirements ✓ Submit the following four pieces in class: up to one page of research, up to two pages of capstone application, printed slides, and a Decision-­‐Making Framework ✓ Include your names, section, and assignment number in the header of the Oirst page ✓ Use a standard 12-­‐point font, one-­‐inch margins, double-­‐spacing, and US letter-­‐sized paper ✓ Submit your assignment electronically on TurnItIn by the deadline Note: only one person should submit a paper on behalf of the entire group Purpose, Knowledge, and Skills • • • This assignment will prepar...
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