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Better understand your assigned companys values and

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Unformatted text preview: e you for your Capstone Written Report You will better understand your assigned company’s values and how those relate to the decisions they should make. You will apply the decision-­‐making framework. Center for Professional Responsibility in Business and Society BUSINESS 101 AN INTRODUCTION TO PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITY Assignment 3.9 Scoring Sheet: Capstone Preparation -­‐ Employees Your section leaders and course management fill this out digitally through Turnitin.com Points Content Requirements / 3 Review materials the company provides related to Employees. Identify two core values the company relies on when dealing with Employees, and name a speciOic program they have in place to support each value you identiOied. / 3 Examine how important you think local jobs are to the company’s operations. That is, does the company value creating jobs where it sells products? / 4 Analyze what options you have related to employee growth for your Oirm’s target geographies. What are the key beneOits and risks for each one? How...
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