Capstone Project Briefing – Floating Rice Transplanter

A tightening strap would encircle the rice keeping

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Unformatted text preview: A tightening strap would encircle the rice, keeping the bundle compact in order to ensure a more effective transplanting process. You may make minor modi0ications to the product to make it more attractive or beneIicial to your targeted customers. Please consult your section leaders for approval and more information. Center for Professional Responsibility in Business and Society AN INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS 101 PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITY Your Target Market (Assignment 3.3) The John Deere management team has decided that there is no speciIic emerging market geographic target that makes the most sense. You should select a country in which to launch the product. Remember that each country comes with speciIic cultural, political, and economic implications. Part 1: Select Your Target Country ✓ Brazil ✓ Russia ✓ India ✓ China ✓Tanzania ✓[Other: Needs approval from Section Leaders and Course Management] Part 2: Select Your Target Segment Research the demographics of your target country. Consider the population, age distribution, gender, socio-­‐economic status, ethnic groups, etc. Additionally, consider health risks, sanitation, and the mortality rate in your target country. For example, you could select pregnant, low-­‐income women in rural Tanzania. Please describe the target segment in terms of : • Country or part of country • Urban-­‐rural • SpeciIic demographic in terms of income (say, high income, middle-­‐class, low income), gender, occupation if applicable and age • SpeciIic usage situation For example: • Brazil • Rural • Women agricultural laborers • During seeding -­‐-­‐OR-­‐-­‐ • South India • Rural • Farmers • During harvesting Based on your research, choose and describe your target segment. Why would this segment beneIit from your product? How so? Use the Decision Making Framework in choosing your target segment. To make this decision, please review information and multi-­‐media material provided to you on each country. This decision is...
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