Capstone Project Briefing – Floating Rice Transplanter

Be able to justify the decisions you make along the

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Unformatted text preview: resources, it is likely that you will have to pick and choose from different options. Be able to justify the decisions you make along the way. Capstone Project Briefing -­‐ John Deere Page 5 of 6 AN INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS 101 PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITY Triple Bottom Line People Management has said a key priority is leaving whatever community it targets with the product better off. It wants to maintain a strong brand image in its operations, and it has asked you to consider programs that relate to the betterment of local communities and the larger society. Planet Management would like to leave a positive mark on the environment in whatever endeavors it takes. Please consider ways to decrease negative planetary impacts in all of its operations. Your endeavor must be sustainable. Shareholders Shareholders have a key interest-­‐-­‐continued growth and success in the company, with a key focus on Iinancials and company reputation. Programs, expenditures, etc. all must make sense in terms of generating a proIit. Your plan will need to address the interests of shareholders. Capstone Project Briefing -­‐ John Deere Page 6 of 6...
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