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Capstone Project Briefing – Floating Rice Transplanter

Evaluate how your communication reilects the values

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Unformatted text preview: speciIic example (a brochure or an advertisement). Evaluate how your communication reIlects the values of the company and its professional responsibility. Part 2: Create Additional Programs Please also consider additional programs and oversights you might put in place, consistent with the company’s values, to continue to make the lives of your customers better. In creating your own programs, you must consider the trade-­‐offs that executing these programs will require. Do these trade-­‐offs represent what is best for your target audience? Do they reIlect your company’s values? You should also consider the feasibility of your programs. Of course, it is not necessary to implement all of the programs you create. In fact, given your available resources, it is likely that you will have to pick and choose from different options. Be able to justify the decisions you make along the way. Capstone Project Briefing -­‐ John Deere Page 3 of 6 AN INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS 101 PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITY Your Suppliers (Assignment 3.7) John Deere takes relationships with suppliers very seriously. Management has identiIied four key supplier sources it may use in manufacturing the optical frames. Part 1: Select your supplier Option: Alpha Supply Company Alpha is an local-­‐based supplier renown for treatment of workers and respect for international supplier standards. The company has operations in all major emerging markets. The Fair Labor Association says that Alpha operates in a way that emphasizes fair treatment of workers, proper hours, and sound living conditions. There have been no recent complaints Iiled against Alpha. Option: Beta Manufacturers Beta Manufacturers is an American-­‐based supplier that emphasizes transportation efIiciency. The company ships products to emerging markets at a very cheap rate. As the company operates in America, it upholds high standards for American workers. Once the company ships products to emerging markets, local workers handle the delivery. There have been some accusations of high work loads and e...
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