Capstone Project Briefing – Floating Rice Transplanter

Part 2 select your employee base option local high

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Unformatted text preview: an also come up with employee programs to demonstrate your values. Part 2: Select your employee base Option: Local High-­‐Income Employees John Deere may choose to staff the booths with employees from the local markets. In the high-­‐ income arena, employees are likely to be capable of understanding the technology and will also demand higher pay. Option: Local Low-­‐Income Employees John Deere may choose to staff the booths with employees from the local markets. In the low-­‐ income arena, unemployment for youth is very high; however, workers will have limited education and may not be able to fully explain the beneIits of the products. Please consider training programs that would be implemented if you select this option. This option is likely to be the least expensive, but it may increase in cost depending on additional programs in place. Option: John Deere Employees In this option, employees would be from John Deere’s international sales center, where employees travel across emerging markets to better explain products to those in emerging markets. These John Deere employees are experts on the product and also carefully study the local needs. This option likely comes at the highest cost. Option: Combination Plan Management understands that a combination of local and John Deere employees may be used, though it is unclear on how to come up with such an option. You will need to explain your plan to combine both employee groups to use this option. Part 2: Create Additional Programs Please also consider additional programs and oversights you might put in place, consistent with the company’s values, to continue to maintain the highest employee standards. In creating your own programs, you must consider the trade-­‐offs that executing these programs will require. Do these trade-­‐offs represent what is best for your target audience? Do they reIlect your company’s values? You should also consider the feasibility of your programs. Of course, it is not necessary to implement all of the programs you create. In fact, given your available...
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