A & P - they came in the store in the first place to...

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“A & P” is about a boy who works at a supermarket. He does not like working at the supermarket. He finds it very boring and he usually sees middle-aged woman coming in and there really is no excitement to his day. One day a group of three girls walk into the supermarket and they caught the eye of the boy. They were all quite different. One was a little chunky, another was tall, and the last was the most intriguing. She was very beautiful to the boy. He watched them as they went throughout the store looking for what they needed. He called the leader the Queen. As a nickname he called her Queenie. He was so enthralled with them because they were in a supermarket with no t-shirt and no shoes. This is very weird for the time period because at that time people wouldn’t go into places without a shirt or shoes. It would be considered very different for the time and would be frowned upon. Well the girls walk throughout the store and finally get what
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Unformatted text preview: they came in the store in the first place to get. They go to the checkout line where the main character is working and they are paying for their stuff when the manager comes over. He starts yelling at the girls for not having on a shirt or shoes. Queenie is not too happy about this. Even after the manager just tells them to leave after they pay and come back with clothes on she tells him her mind. She says that it shouldn’t matter what they wear. After they leave the store the boy says to the manager that he shouldn’t have yelled at the girls. Then, he tells him that he quits in hopes that the girls will turn around. He thinks that the girls will turn around and say how they needed a savior like him. They will thank him and he will leave with them. He thinks that just because he stood up for them they will acknowledge him. They don’t even hear him say that he quits and are gone by the time he gets outside....
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A & P - they came in the store in the first place to...

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