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Heaven - interesting that the little boy describes the...

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Journal # 11 Heaven The poem is about a little boy and how he believes that “when we die we’ll go to China.” He has never been there but he wants to. They live in Aspen. The grandfather worked on the railroads and thought that one day he would leave aspen. He didn’t “dream of this as his last stop.” The tone of the poem is hope and disappointment. The little boy hopes that Heaven will be China. He thinks that it will be a glorious place. The mother is disappointed that her father ended up there and subsequently had to grow up there. It’s
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Unformatted text preview: interesting that the little boy describes the place that people go when they die as China. He has never even been to China but believes it is a glorious place. It’s interesting that the yearning to go back to China skipped two generations. It could mean that the daughter tried to assimilate herself into the American culture and did not think much of China. The theme of the poem is that being so far away can cause a yearning for the past....
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