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Good Country People - Brian Rosauer “Good Country...

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Brian Rosauer “Good Country People” Everyday people have to overcome hardships in their lives. Hulga made a point of making other people think that she was better then them. Growing up without a leg, the author intends for the reader to feel pity for Hulga’s situation. She grew up with a handicap after a hunting accident caused her to lose her leg. In “Good Country People” Hulga is so enthralled with her own intelligence that she could not see the true actions of Manley Pointer. Manley is a true con man. Manley’s reasons for being a con man stem from his underprivileged background. The way Hulga grew up with her disabilities and Manley’s meek surroundings have shaped how they were at the time of the story. Manley Pointer comes from a background of having nothing. His character is very difficult to figure out and understand who the real Manley Pointer is. Is he the one who seems like a nice Christian boy who is just selling bibles? Or, is he just a common conman just trying to take things from others since he is too lazy or incapable of earning a living for himself. He grew up in meek, forgettable surroundings. “From out in the country around Willohobie, not even from a place, just neara place” (639). Manley is from a place no one has ever heard of which shows how he never had anything of worth growing up. He never had anything as a kid so now that he is older he will do anything to get
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things this even means taking prizes from handicapped people that he meets. He said, “ one time I got a woman’s glass eye this way” (648). He made the people believe long enough that he was just a good
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Good Country People - Brian Rosauer “Good Country...

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