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Good Country People Journal

Good Country People Journal - contained two bibles He pulls...

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“Good Country People” “Good Country People” is about a girl named Hulga who is handicapped. When she was ten years old her leg was shot off in a hunting accident. Ever since then, she had no social life and spent all of her time studying. She eventually went to college and got her masters in philosophy. Her mother had no idea why she got it in that because she believes that it can’t be used in the real world. One day, a boy named Manly Pointer comes to the house trying to sell bibles. He tries to get Hulga’s mother to buy a bible but is not successful but is invited to have dinner with them. This is where he meets Hulga. He gives her the impression that he is very interested in her. Hulga hasn’t really been in a relationship and is not good when it comes to things social. Manly tells Hulga to meet him out front the next night at ten. They meet and then they walk to this barn. They start kissing and start to get very intimate with each other. Manly brought his case, which
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Unformatted text preview: contained two bibles. He pulls out on the bibles and opens it up. It is hollowed out and has a flask and deck of cards and box in it Manly then proceeds to make out with Hulga. He later starts talking about her leg. Hulga does not want to talk about that and tries to change the subject. Manly wants to know where he leg connects. Hulga will not tell him. Eventually he coaxes her into telling him and he is able to get her to take it off. He has it for a while and then Hulga tells him to put it back on. He won’t oblige and she starts to get made at him for having her leg. He eventually tells her that he is not a good Christian boy. He tells her how he has taken a glass eye from someone else. She realizes that he is going to leave with her leg and she will be stuck there. Manly is a conman and he was easily able to get Hulga’s leg from here because she concentrated so much on school throughout her life that she has no common sense which made her very vulnerable....
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Good Country People Journal - contained two bibles He pulls...

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