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Journal #2 Fort Apache The poem is about a man and his father and how he is at Fort Apache. They were in the military and so were the father’s father. They all seemed to have a strained relationship. The tone of the poem is one of pride. The persona is very proud of what his family has done in the military and likes to talk about it. In the second stanza the persona talks about how they “stand on the actual spot as Fort Apache’s decaying buildings.” This is interesting because it shows how people have not been at Fort Apache for a very long
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Unformatted text preview: time causing the buildings to decay. In the fourth stanza the persona says how talking about his relationship with his father would be just as flawed as any Indian treaty. This is interesting because the Indians would get screwed in the treaties that they made and it shows how flawed their relationship must be. The theme of the poem is that the only way that the persona and his father can communicate is if they talk about their only common interest. This is their military history and seems to be the only thing that they can agree on....
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