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Each one of the liver cells get a really good look at

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Unformatted text preview: bile----Gall Bladder-----back into intestine. each one of the liver cells, get a really good look at everything coming in the liver also synthesis and excrets bile Liver Secretion Metabolites will be excreted by active transporters back into the blood stream OR out with the bile to the gall bladder If its back into the blood stream will continue to kidneys and be filtered out into URINE If secreted to bile, travel to small intestine, excreted with FECES WHAT DETERMINES WHERE IT WILL GO?? metabolizes and changes compounds, hepatocytes will either pump this back into blood stream where it eventually gets to kindeys and gets excreted OR down into gall bladder and eliminated by feces (THIS DEPENDS ON SIZE) expressed on bile side and location and abundance of protein carriers Billiary Excretion Bile salts are detergents: Emulsify fats (break down large globules for easier digestion) Have both lipophilic and hydrophilic character Therefore the bile environment will easily accommodate lipid soluble toxicants (un-conjugated) and water soluble conjugates Ultimate determination is based on size and transporters Once released from gall bladder into SI different compartment, can be acted upon by bacteria, pH, some reabsorption Biliary Secretion Compounds divided into three categories based on ratio of biliary: plasma secretion. either is gets excreted by bile, or urine or no preference and can go to both A- ratio around 1- glucose, mercury, thallium cesium, sodium B- ratio greater than 1-bile acids, bilirubin, MANY XENOBIOTICS C- ratio less than 1- insulin, albumin, zinc, iron, gold Most compounds can be excreted in both ways! In general, compounds with MW less than 325Da = poor biliary excretion, greater than 325Da = good biliary excretion Glutathione and glucuronide conjugates generally excreted well in the...
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