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Unformatted text preview: unction oxygenase (MFO) in rainbow trout. 2nd World Congress of the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry; Vancouver, BC. Poster p. Reist JD, Gyselman EC, Babaluk JA, Johnson JD, Wissink RH. 1995. Evidence for two morphotypes of Arctic char (Salvelinus alpinus) from Lake Hazen, Ellesmere Island, Northwest Territories, Canada. Nordic Journal of Freshwater Research 71:396-410. Robinson RD, Carey JH, Solomon KR, Smith IR, Servos MR, Munkittrick KR. 1994. Survey of receiving water environmental impacts associated with discharges from pulp mills. Environ Toxicol Chem 13:1075-1088. Sumpter JP, Jobling S. 1995. Vitellogenesis as a biomarker of estrogenic contamination of the aquatic environment. Environ Health Perspect 103:173-178. Suter GW, II, Barnthouse LW, Bartell SM, Cormier SM, Mackay D, Mackay N, Norton SB. 2007. Ecological Risk Assessment. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press/Taylor and Francis. 634 p. Urban DJ, Cook NJ. 1986. Standard Evaluation Procedure for Ecological Risk Assessment. Washington, DC.: Hazard Evaluation Division, Office of Pesticide Programs, United States Environmental Protection Agency. No. EP A/540/09-86/167. USEPA. 1992a. Framework for ecological risk assessment. Washington, DC, USA: United States Environmental Protection Agency. No. EPA/630/R -92/001. 41 p. USEPA Ecological Monitoring Research Division, Environmental Monitoring Systems Laboratory, USEPA. 1992b. Probit Program. Version 1.5 Cincinnati, OH, USA: USEPA. USEPA. 1996. Pesticides Programs Dialogue Committee. Washington, DC, USA: United States Environmental Protection Agency. USEPA. 1998. Guidelines for Ecological Risk Assessment. Washington, DC, USA: United States Environmental Protection Agency. Risk Assessment Forum. 191 p. Van der Kraak GJ, Munkittrick KR, McMaster ME, Port CB, Chang JP. 199 2. Exposure to bleached kraft pulp mill effluent disrupts the pituitary -gonadal axis of white sucker at multiple sites. Toxicol Appl Pharmacol 11:224-233. Weseloh DV, Teeple SM, Gilbertson M. 1983. Double -crested Cormorants in the Great Lakes: Egg-laying parameters, reproductive failure, and contaminant residues in eggs, Lake Huron 1972-1973. Can J Zool 61:427-436. Weseloh DV, Ewins PJ, Struger J, Mineau P, Bishop CA, Postupalsky S, Ludwig JP. 1995. Double-crested Cormorants in the Great Lakes: Changes in population size, breeding distribution and reproductive output between 1913 and 1991. Colon Waterbirds 18: (Special publication 1):48 -59....
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