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Starts at conception and ends at birth medical

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Unformatted text preview: a continum. starts at conception and ends at birth medical termination loss of a fetus during fetal development stage Abortion - a willful act to remove the fetus) fetal development stage: when the head starts moving the failure of pregancy for whatever reason - real meaning loss of fetus = abortion infertility can also occur due to STD’s STD generally affect female more then the male Subclinical pathaloma virus Warts Llabia (in humans) ocal inflammation in males and female STDs may produce inflammation males are usually vectors and show subclinical signs in many species vulvitis, vaginitis, cervicitis, inflammation of the utuerus endometritis, overitis salpingitis, oophoritisof ovum metr = uterus inflammation inflammation of the uterine tube pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) Urethritis, cystitis of the bladder inflammation common in people who first become sexually active HIV - grouped with STDs getting HIV doesn’t mean you got it from a sexual encounter STD Infertility Tubal (ectopic) pregnancy Fetal/neonatal death Systemic disease metastatic infections primary disease preganacy forms in uterine tube and stays there ruptur and hemorrage of the uterine tube loss of fetus can be related to an STD syphilus - local inflammatory action, noduals, spread througout the body also can affect nervous system - people acting irrational (syphilus of the brain) spread from one place and go to another meta - away from/different to stasis - stops at another place...
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