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Escape The Ghettos Of New York

Escape The Ghettos Of New York - “escaping the ghettos of...

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Journal # 16 Escape The Ghettos Of New York The poem is about how people in New York use drugs and alcohol to escape the ghettos. They use “LSD, heroin, pot, and speed.” This takes them into a different world away from the ghettos. They also drink “wine, beer, scotch, and gin.” Always, after they realize that they are out of alcohol and get angry that they are back in reality. The tone of the poem is one of happy and anger. At first they are very happy that they have a way of
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Unformatted text preview: “escaping the ghettos of New York.” Then, they are tossed back into reality and are very angry. The imagery that is very interesting is when they say that drugs and alcohol are ecstasy. It shows how they seem to be at the highest point of excitement by going into an alter reality. The theme of the poem is that while these people can try and escape the ghettos by using drugs and alcohol, they will only find themselves back in the true reality of the ghettos....
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