Chemistry 317 Syllabus Sp 2015-final

A majority of the inorganic techniques such as

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Unformatted text preview: d in ACS journals. A majority of the inorganic techniques, such as anaerobic Schlenk-line, vacuum-line and dry-box techniques are likely to be new to you. The class will tie together material you have had in lecture courses, and will ask you to design and improve experiments. There are some lab periods for which no instruction is provided; you must choose what you want to do and design a procedure to do it. We will help you, but we want you to bring your insight, enthusiasm, and questions to the course, and develop your skills along the way. Helpful links to YouTube videos, chemical drawing programs, MSDS (material safety data sheets), and relevant journal articles can be accessed on the home page of the course website on canvas. Chem 317 Sp 2014 Logistics and Schedule Chemistry 317 consists of two laboratory periods and one discussion hour per week. Experiments are designed for students to work in pairs, with a maximum of 20 students (10 pairs) in the laboratory at one time. During each lab period, half of the students will work on one experiment and the other half will w...
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