Chemistry 317 Syllabus Sp 2015-final

Laboratory safety in this laboratory as in any

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Unformatted text preview: s before class. Laboratory Safety In this laboratory, as in any laboratory, there are a number of hazards. Learning how to deal with hazardous situations safely is an important part of what you will learn in this class. If chemistry majors cannot handle hazardous situations involving chemicals, then who in society can? It’s usually chemistry majors who write the rules for safe handling of chemicals. Safety is an important focus of this class and we want you to think about safety as you read the lab manual and, especially, as you work in the lab. The most important safety rule is to THINK about every step of your experiment! If there is anything that is unfamiliar or doesn’t seem right, stop what you are doing and ask. There is at least one TA for every ten students in the lab, so there should always be someone nearby to assist or explain. You will be using a number of expensive pieces of equipment during the lab, so it is important that you understand how this equipment works. Don’t just plow ahead...
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