Chemistry 317 Syllabus Sp 2015-final

No one will be criticized for asking it is however

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Unformatted text preview: if anything looks wrong. No one will be criticized for asking. It is, however, critical that you arrive prepared for the laboratory, having worked out the procedures in your own mind so you know what you’re going to do. A detailed description of the safety rules for this class is contained in the lab manual. Page 2 of 4 Chem 317 Sp 2014 Chem 317 Class Schedule: 1 2 3 4 5 Section AA, AB Lab Report Due*† Experiment Check in Linkage Isomers MSDS Linkage Isomers Linkage Isomers Linkage Isomers Section BA, BB Experiment Check in Titanocene ArMo Cr Acetate Cr Acetate 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Linkage Isomers Grätzel Cell∆ CuBH4 Titanocene Linkage II Cr Acetate Cr Acetate ArMo Phosphorous∆ Phosphorous ArMo II ArMo II ArMo II Grätzel Cell∆ Linkage Isomers Linkage Isomers Lab period Linkage II Plan (JP) Lab Report Due*† MSDS Titanocene(AC) ArMo Proposals(WB) Chromous(BL) Prelim ArMo(WB) Date April 1/2 April 3/4 April 8/9 April 10/11 April 15/16 April 17/18 April 22/23 April 24/25 April 29/30 May 1/2 May 6/7 May 8/9 May 13/14 Prelim Linkage(JP) Phosphorous(WB) CuBH4 (AC) Titanocene (AC) Linkage Final ArMo Final (JP) report report(WB) Phosphorous∆ Chromous(BL) Linkage Isomers May 15/16 Phosphorous ArMo Linkage Isomers May 20/21 Proposals(WB) Grätzel Cell Linkage Isomers May 22/23 (JP) ArMo II Prelim ArMo CuBH4 Linkage II Plan May 27/28 report(WB) ArMo II Phosphorous(JG) Grätzel Cell CuBH4(AC) May 29/30 (BL) (JP) ArMo II Grätzel Linkage II Prelim Linkage June 3/4 (BL) C...
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